Indoor, In-person Worship Resumes on Sept. 13: Rules for Re-Opening

We plan to resume indoor, in-person worship services at Fredsville Lutheran Church on Sunday, Sept. 13, at the normal 9:30 a.m. worship time. We look forward to gathering together, even though Sunday mornings will be different than before. However, if the Dike-New Hartford schools close, Fredsville will be following school closures (with regard to Covid-19).

Re-Opening Guidelines

  • If you feel ill or have had recent, known contact with someone who has been recently diagnosed with Covid-19, please continue to worship with us using the online services for the health and safety of those in attendance.
  • Masks are required (for those over the age of 2) to enter the church building.
  • Temperatures will be taken as people enter and each person must be under 100.4 degrees, as the safety threshold. A second temperature will be taken if the first is too high.
  • Social distancing will be indicated on the pews. An usher will direct seating by bringing each family to the pews (loading church from front to back).
  • Please sit together with your family. (Please note: we are trying to social distance for the benefit of all so please use your best judgement if sitting with those other than your family and “Speak up!” if you need more distance.)
  • Offering basket will be available at the back of the church rather than be collected at service.
  • No Bulletins. Bulletins can be emailed out each week.
  • Windows open if weather cooperates, otherwise AC will be used as normal.
  • Communion: Words of Institution will still be said, but each person will take a “communion pack” prior to leaving the sanctuary. Ushers to release people from back to front to maximize social distancing.
  • Music: Organ and Piano per normal. Solos or videos for singing/listening.
  • Sharing the Peace: Not at this time, to be revisited as time goes on.
  • Restrooms will be available for use and there will be wipes available to clean the toilet before each use.
  • We encourage you to move outdoors for more fellowship. Social gathering inside the building before or after worship is discouraged but if it naturally takes place please do your best to maintain distance.
  • Refreshments: Not at this time.
  • At this time, only the sanctuary will be open for worship. The church building is not yet open to small group activities.
  • Worship will continue to be available online and added to our website so those who do not feel comfortable attending can still partake in Worship.
    All rules outlined above are for the health and safety of ALL of Fredsville’s members, especially those at high risk. These rules must be followed in order to continue indoor worship in a safe manner for all who attend.

Viewing Fredsville’s Online Worship Services

Fredsville’s weekly online worship videos are posted on the Fredsville Lutheran Church Videos YouTube channel. Links are also posted to the Fredsville Evangelical Lutheran Church Facebook page and e-mailed to the congregation. If you would like to receive e-mail updates from the church and are not already on our e-mail list, please send a message to and ask us to add you.

August 30, 2020 Worship Video

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