Welcome Vicar Ron Poe

Ron Poe is a student at Wartburg Seminary. As part of his training he will be interning at Fredsville for twelve months, beginning July 15, 2013. Ron’s bio includes:

I’m from a small city in Northern Arizona called Kingman.  I was baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic.  As long as I can remember, I have been interested in matters related to the church and faith.  When I was teenager, I began teaching Religious Education (Sunday School) classes.  After high school I left home for the first time by myself and joined the United States Air Force.  I was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska and lived there for three years.

After I was discharged from the Air Force, I helped start an automotive and residential glass replacement and repair business with my dad.  During that time, I volunteered to teach confirmation and youth ministry classes at my home church.  A few years later, I was invited to be the youth minister for the parish, which I did for the next two years.

After thinking/praying/being inspired, I left the Catholic Church and found a home in the Lutheran tradition.  Having attended a variety of college classes I finally decided to complete my bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I always wanted to be a leader in the church.  This call never went away and when I moved to Flagstaff I was invited to visit Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa.  A month before I left for seminary I married Angie.  I have enjoyed seminary and have found it’s great to formally study a subject, namely the Bible and theology, which have been a passionate interest of mine.

I am interested in a wide variety of topics, but I am especially interested in foreign languages, literature, ecumenism, theology and accounting.

We welcome Ron and look forward to his ministry with us in the upcoming months.