Sunday Morning Worship

There are a lot of ideas floating around about what worship “should be” and most of those ideas are… right on! We believe worship should be something you want to do with your time, not something you feel like you are required to do. Worship should be a time where we praise and worship God.  Worship should be a time filled with honesty about the hardships in life and how God speaks to those pains.  Worship should be an experience that tells the amazing story of what God has done in this world. Worship should be a reality check that shows us when we have strayed. Worship should be an uplifting experience that helps us feel closer to God.

In our Sunday morning worship services, we try to incorporate as many of the “should’s” as we can to form a worship environment that is filled with our our hopes, our dreams, our fears, and God’s will for us.  We strive to let the Holy Spirit drive the service in a way that opens people’s hearts and minds so that God’s amazing grace may encompass our lives. It is our sincere hope that you will join us in worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 so that you too may hear the amazing grace that God gives you freely.