All Saints Sunday, November 2nd

During Worship on November 2nd we will remember and pay respect and honor to all those who have died in the past year. (Since All Saints Sunday 2013). During All Saints Sunday we are reminded that we are always surrounded by those who have gone before us and those who come after us. When we feast each Sunday at the communion table we are also joined with those who already share in the feast in their heavenly home. During this worship service we also recognize that for many the grieving continues well past the closing of the grave, yet we have the promise and hope that comes from the gift of Jesus Christ dying and rising for us. Please join us on this very special Sunday to remember those who have been part of our faith community and who have completed their baptism.

November 2nd Cleaning and Potluck!

Following worship on November 2nd we will all spend a few minutes cleaning the sanctuary, fellowship hall, and moving the last of the items into the new addition! That’s right; we are almost done with the building project! We will have a congregational potluck to celebrate when the cleaning is finished!!!! Please bring a bucket to help clean and a dish to share for the potluck! This is such an exciting time in the history of Fredsville! Don’t miss out on every opportunity to celebrate and be involved!

Christmas Musical

On December 7th (Dedication Sunday) we will share with the congregation the musical “A Christmas Carol” during the morning worship service at 9:30 a.m. At the end of the worship service we will have the building dedication and then a catered meal to celebrate! We will also have the musical at 4:00 pm in the afternoon with a fellowship time and open house following. Please mark this date on your calendar and plan on attending either in the morning or the afternoon or both!

Several members have been rehearsing since the end of August to share with you this delightful Christmas message! Invite your friends and neighbors to join in the celebration!

Dedication of the New Addition, December 7, 2014

After all the hammering and concrete, after all the prayers and paint, after all the scrubbing and moving it is time to dedicate the New Addition! On Sunday December 7th, at the end of the worship service (which includes the musical) we will move into the new Gathering Space and have the Dedication Service.

Following the Dedication we will have a lovely catered dinner for all! Please, please, please sign up for the dinner so we can have an accurate number for the caterer! Please join in this celebration!

Bazaar Update

Due to the construction project, there will not be a Bazaar at Fredsville Lutheran Church this year. However, the ladies will be selling Danish strips at the December Razzle Dazzle in Dike.

Confirmation Classes Begin!

Confirmation Classes are resuming with a Twist for ALL AGES!

Pastor Lisa is beginning a younger/longer style of confirmation! Confirmation class this year will also include 5th graders as well as 6th, 7th, and 8th! We should have a great sized group to do all kinds of insane things! The first class will be September 10th; we will have a parent’s meeting on September 3rd at 6:30 pm. At that meeting parents will be given a confirmation handbook and the confirmation program will be explained.

Throughout the year pastor will offer one time classes for all youth and their parents at their grade level.

These classes will be:

3rd graders will be given Bibles on Sunday September 14th.

On Wednesday, September 17th all 3rd graders and their parents will meet for a Bible Class.

October 15th Pastor will meet with all preschoolers and their families to talk about Baptism.

November 12th Pastor will meet with all 1st and 2nd graders and their families to talk about Communion.

January 14th Pastor will meet with all 4th graders and their families to talk about the Lord’s Prayer and Prayer.

Letters will be sent to families with more details as each class time approaches.

This is an exciting addition to an already exciting confirmation learning plan! We hope that all of you will pray for the youth of this congregation and their families as they spend time learning together about their church, the Bible, their Savior and God!